How it Works

Car Adapter

The Automatic adapter plugs into the standard diagnostics port hidden under the dash in most cars since 1996.

Free Mobile App

The Automatic app pairs with the adapter and displays useful information about your car and driving habits.

Connected Car

Now your car’s data can power apps from the Automatic App Gallery and connect your car to the rest of your life.


The app for every driver

The Automatic app is packed with features every driver should have. It diagnoses engine problems, remembers where you parked, displays your trip history, and even calls for help in a crash.

Car Apps for Business

Expense your trips for work? Automatic logs your mileage effortlessly and accurately so you can get reimbursed with Concur.

Track your business vehicles with Automatic Fleet. See where your drivers are and when maintenance is due at a glance.

Hey rideshare drivers! See exactly how much you’re actually earning per hour with SherpaShare and Automatic.

Automatic Fleet

Apps for Enthusiasts

Record your races like a pro. Create dash cam videos with your speed, performance, and track map overlays.

Get car repair house calls. Automatic can alert YourMechanic to schedule an at-home appointment.

Want to stream real-time data from your car? Use DashCommand with Automatic to create custom digital dashboards of your car’s key metrics.


Apps for New Drivers

Earn driving badges to level up your skills. License+ shows your parents how well you drive so they can relax when you’ve got the car.

Stay safe and connected. Have your car create to-dos, post to social media, or even text loved ones for you while you drive.

Get friends to chip in for gas! Use UnMooch with Automatic to split the cost of a trip with anyone on Venmo.


“Wow. @automatic is awesome. Should be built-in to every car!”

—Serge Jespers, @sjespers
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