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What People Are Saying

“My Automatic unit has been everything I’d hoped it would be—simple to install, easy to use and understand and informative. I drive a ton for work, and now have an excellent bead on both how much gas I purchase a month, but also what gas mileage I get… Fully satisfied and I’ve already recommended it numerous times to others.”

Beau Yarbrough Amazon Reviewer

“This app, no this company is absolutely great. From the actual Automatic device to the App itself which is designed to be very user friendly and straight forward, to the customer service. They are one of the few companies that will get back to you about any concern in a very short amount of time, especially on Twitter. … Thanks you all and keep it up!!”

osirisj89 App Store Reviewer

“Broke my record again,
424.6mi on one tank! This thing
has already paid for itself.”

Brendan Radich @BrendanRadich

“The @automatic is a pretty
awesome little device. Love the
app and all the information
available. Highly recommend
picking one up.”

Tara @Skunkie

“Drove to work, looked in
Google Docs, found a log of my
drive. Feels like magic.”

John Keyes @johnkeyes

“Never got a faster 100%
ROI on any gadget purchase
than @automatic … paid for
itself in the first ten minutes
of diagnostics!”

Rob Heittman @rfc2616

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